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Welcome to Nursery's class page

Week commencing 12th July


Next week is our pirate themed week. Remember to come to school dressed as a pirate on Tuesday me hearties! Oooooooh arrrrrrrrr!


We will be reading the story of 'Pirates love underpants' by Ben Cort and answering a range of comprehension questions based on the book. The children will have opportunities to make pirate hats or telescopes. They will be playing a fun pirate physical activity as well as counting jewels in treasure chests. To top this off they will also be going on a treasure hunt!


The children have also been asked to bring in a photograph of a country they visited or would like to visit for a circle time on Thursday.


Making our wormery

Week commencing 5th July


The theme for the week next week is 'favourite places'.  The children will be talking about and taking photographs of where their favourite place is in school.  We would also the children to bring in a photograph of their favourite places outside of school for them to talk about.  


We will also be setting up dens and hideaways for the children to explore and camp under in our outdoor classroom.  The children will also be making their own wrap/sandwich to eat in a picnic in our forest school area.  Let's hope it doesn't rain!

Week commencing 28th June


Next week the children will be exploring the book 'Through the magic mirror' by Anthony Browne. They will draw their favourite part of the story and try to label these. The children will also have the opportunity to use their imaginative minds by making 'small worlds' with a range of materials. 


In maths the children will begin to explore the concept of 'subitising' (fast recognition of up to 3 objects, without having to count them individually. They will be playing dice games to develop their awareness.


We are very excited about Sports day on Thursday 1st July! The children have been practising for a good few weeks now. smiley


The children will also have the opportunity to make a wormery next week. We will be discussing the features of a worm and how important they are in the food chain. 




Room on the Broom - potion making and potion writing

Week commencing 21st June

Next week the children will be exploring 'fantasy worlds' and talking about what fantasy world they would like to visit and why.  They will be making magic wands to take exploring and they will be making their own magic bubble potion.  


In Literacy we will be reading the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson and the children will be drawing their own fantasy worlds and labelling their pictures.  

Our first forest school day! What a super day we had making tree guardians, tree friends, mud painting, sawing wood, making a camp fire and eating marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate!

New to Nursery in September 2021 induction PowerPoint

Week commencing 14th June


This week our focus will be on the book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. The children will have a range of activities to undertake relating to the story from making a Gruffalo in finger gym to creating their own collage. In addition to this, the class will be going on a 'Gruffalo trail' in our woodland area.smiley


In literacy, they will be exploring the different parts of a book. The children will look at what an author, illustrator, blurb, spine, letters/words and pictures are in a book. 


In maths, the children will be exploring capacity. They will have the opportunity to learn about whether a container is full, half full or empty. The children will look at a range of different sized containers and use coloured water to experiment with. 



Week commencing 7th June

This week we will start our new topic 'Can we explore it?'  The children will be thinking about all the different places they have visited and the places that they would like to explore. Would they like to explore the ocean, a desert, space etc?  They will be thinking about how they would travel there and what they might see.   

The children will be taking part in a memorable experience where they will be exploring our forest area.  They will be going on a bug hunt, creating mud paintings and they may even have some marshmallows by a fire.

Week commencing 24th May


This week we will be exploring positional language in maths. The children will use farm animal figures to place in a range of ways such as under, on top of, in between, next to, inside, behind, in front of etc. 


We will be reading the story 'Exploring Grandad's Farm' and asking children a range of comprehension questions based on this. They will begin to recognise where some foods come from.


Thank you again for all of your support this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed their 'holiday' experience on Thursday. smiley


Have a super week-end.

Some photographs of our Summer holiday event

Nursery's nature and senses walk

Week beginning 17th May


Next week the children will be role-playing familiar stories using their knowledge of story language and showing off their acting skills!  


We are also really excited about flying to 'Costa Del Chezo' for a mini summer holiday.  Fingers crossed for good weather!

The children have worked really hard this week naming and talking about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  Nursery have also had fun making their own superhero.

Supertato Superheroes

Week beginning 10th May


Next week we will be reading the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. The children will then have the opportunity to make their own superhero using a range of materials.


It is also Mental Health week with a nature theme so we will be exploring the natural environment by going on a nature walk. This will take place within the school grounds. The children will be encouraged to use their senses while on our walk. We hope the children will appreciate how important nature is in improving and sustaining a positive mind set. In addition to this the children will be introduced to some new games in PE, creating their own patterns using natural objects, painting with water to wash away any worries they may have and making self portraits using twigs, stones and leaves. 


In maths children will learn about 3-dimensional shapes. We will be naming the shapes as well as discussing the properties including number of faces, edges and vertices.

Week beginning 3rd May.


Next week the children will be reading the story 'I will not Ever Never eat a Tomato' by Lauren Child.  They will then be talking about what their favourite meal is and why.


The children will be exploring 'smelly pots' where they will be smelling and describing strong smelling foods like mint, garlic, onions etc.  They will also be printing with different fruits and vegetables.  


We will also be naming and exploring a range of 2D shapes and begin to describe their properties.

Week beginning 26th April 2021


Next week we will be reading the story 'Oliver's Fruit Salad' by Vivian French. The children will be making their very own fruit salads. They will also be exploring 'feely food' boxes using all five senses. Children will practise weighing objects in maths and begin to make comparisons. During this half term we will be practising our under arm throwing and catching skills. 


In addition the children will be growing their own sunflowers. We have an exciting competition between Nursery and Reception to see who can grow the tallest sunflower. Wish us good luck! :) 

Week beginning 19th April.


When we return to school on Monday 19th April we will have a new topic called 

'Why can't I have chocolate for breakfast?' The children will be learning about healthy

and unhealthy foods. We will have the opportunity to read the story 'Kitchen Disco'

by Clare Foges and Al Murphy. The Nursery children will also be doing a favourite food survey in class. 


Don't forget to bring your teddy to our teddy bears' picnic on Tuesday 20th April.

Week beginning 29th March 2021


We have had a super week this week. The children have made their own chocolate nests, listened to the story of 'The Ugly Duckling' and explored the meaning behind Easter. As well as this Nursery also had a fun egg hunt and met the Easter bunny, 'Benji'. 


We hope you all have a lovely Easter break. smiley Stay safe and well.

Benji the Easter Bunny

Meet our new hatched chicks in Nursery. We have had seven hatch out of our ten eggs so far. :)

Our new hatched chicks :)

Still image for this video
We have been lucky enough to meet seven out of our ten chicks so far. We have five boys and two girls. The children are learning all about the life cycle of a chicken. They are also learning about how to respect and care for them.

Week beginning 14th December 2020

This week the children have been enjoying making Christmas cards and taking part in Christmas activities.  On Wednesday they are looking forward to watching a Pantomime performed by their teachers and on Thursday they will be enjoying a fun filled day based on the film 'The Grinch'.


After Christmas the children will be starting a new topic 'Why is water wet?' During the topic the children will explore the different uses of water and where it comes from.  On the first week back at school the children will take part in a barefoot walk where they will be walking barefoot through mud, water of different temperatures and telcom powder and explaining how it feels.  


The Colour Monster


The children have enjoyed listening to the story 'The Colour Monster' and talking about their feelings.  They have loved making their own Colour Monsters using a range of materials. 

Nursery's Piet Mondrian inspired art work

Our animal lady visit!

Week beginning 30th November 2020


This week the children will be exploring farm animals. As well as farm animals, children will also learn about dogs who 'help us', such as guide dogs and mountain rescue dogs etc.


On Wednesday 2nd December we have the animal man coming in to visit us. The children will be introduced to topics such as nocturnal animals and habitats. They will see mini-beasts or tarantulas, two snakes, three lizards, two mammals and a scope owl. We are very excited indeed and hope the children have a fantastic time! smiley

Week beginning 23rd November


This week we will be focusing on animals that live around us. These may be animals that live in the woodlands such as hedgehogs, birds and foxes or creatures that live in the soil such as moles and worms. The children will be going on a bug hunt too.


We will also be learning about an artist called Piet Mondrian. Our focus will be to explore the shapes and colours that the artist has used in his work. The children will be learning new skills and exploring how to paint like the artist Piet.

Nursery's Bear Hunt Walk!

Our animal sock buddy puppets!

Week beginning 16th November 2020


The children will be exploring wild animals. They will be making their own 'animal sock buddy

puppets and creating their own animal stencils using paint. The books that we will be focusing on are 'Handa's Surprise' and 'We're going on a bear hunt'.


On Thursday the children will be going on their very own 'Bear Hunt' walk around the school grounds. Don't forget to bring your wellington boots! smiley

In Nursery we follow the Early Years curriculum which is split into the seven areas of learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive art and design

The children learn through adult led and child initiated activities, which develop key learning skills and provide new experiences in a stimulating environment.


We encourage children to take part in the Early Years challenge of the week which is displayed in the Early Years foyer. 


Later in the year children will come home with a name writing book to practise writing their full name.   


Nursery's PE day is a Wednesday.

What we have been up to

Nursery's Autumn 2 News letter

Nursery have been getting creative to make a beautiful handprint friendship flower and use their fingerprints to produce a lovely rainbow. 


Love Monster

Next week we will be focusing on the story 'Love Monster' by Rachel Bright.  The children will be talking about who they love and why and creating their own love monsters.

Next week (WB 12.10.20) Nursery will be learning about Mary Seacole as part of Black History.  We will have a nurses role play area for the children to learn about what Mary Seacole did and they will be painting a picture of her.  


Our story focus for the week will be 'What if we were all the same' by C.M. Harris

Next week (WB 19.10.20) Nursery will be learning about Harvest.  We will be reading the story 'The Scarecrows Wedding' by Julia Donaldson.  We will also be having a competition with Reception to see which class can make the best scarecrow, we are sure Nursery will win!

Nursery have been making their own class scarecrows to celebrate Autumn and Harvest. Can you guess who we are?

Next term our topic is called 'Can I have a dog?' Our memorable experience will entail a friendly dog coming to visit us in class. We will be exploring pets, wild animals, extinct creatures and various other animals throughout the term.

Have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you in November.smiley

Memorable Experience


Nursery loved our special visit from Molly the dog.  They learnt about what dogs eat and how to look after a dog. 

WB 9.11.20

Next week the children will be talking about their own pets and how they look after them.  We will also be learning about Diwali.