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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's page!

Important dates for your diary

Year 2 Memorable Experience - Pirate Ron - Thursday 8th October.

Parents Evening - Tuesday 10th November and Wednesday 11th November (these dates are subject to change and appointments may be conducted differently in accordance with COVID19 guidelines).



Children have a spelling test each Friday and new words are set in their Polar Bear books for the following week. Children are also given books to read at home each week, and these are changed regularly.  Please remember to sign your child's reading diary so that their teacher can see what they have been reading at home.



PE days for Year 2 are Wednesdays (with Miss Sedgwick) and Fridays (with their class teacher). PE kits are needed in school daily in case of any changes.


"Land Ahoy"

On Monday 7th September, the Year 2 children had a surprise! During lunchtime, Captain Blackbeard had visited our classrooms and taken our friend Percy Parrot. The children had to find Blackbeard's clues and complete different activities in order to prove that they were worthy pirates! We were very impressed with their effort and they enjoyed locating Percy and returning him to the classroom.

Pirate Ron

On Thursday 8th October, Year 2 had a very special visitor! Pirate Ron came to our school and we had a very fun (socially distanced) day learning all about life as a pirate. We watched a fantastic pirate puppet show and in the afternoon we made our very own puppets! All of the children found Pirate Ron very amusing and we had a lovely day.

Street Detectives

This half-term (Autumn 2), the children have been learning about the local area for our topic " Street Detectives". We have learned lots of facts about Cheslyn Hay and even managed to have a virtual tour using our ICT resources. The children have enjoyed finding out about the area around our school and its history.

Art Project

During December, the children in Year 2 have been learning about the artist Claude Monet for our art project. We have explored the work of Monet, in particular his paintings of buildings as this links to our "Street Detectives" topic. The children have created their own versions of Monet's painting of the Houses of Parliament using chalk. Please click on the link below to see the PowerPoint presentation of their artwork.

British Science Week

During the week beginning the 8th of March 2021, Year 2 celebrated British Science Week. The theme that Year 2 had was "Which Plastic?" and we investigated the history of plastic and its effect on the environment. We also conducted an experiment to find out which type of plastic 4 everyday items were made of. We tested if they floated or sank and whether we could snap them, which allowed us to categorise them into PVC, PET, polythene and polystyrene. We also investigated what a scientist looks like and discovered that a scientist can be anyone!

Magnificent Monarchs

Year 2 have really enjoyed their topic "Magnificent Monarchs" and have learned lots of information about different Kings and Queens. In the week beginning the 19th of April, they used this information to create a board game. They had lots of fun creating their own playing cards and playing their game with a friend.

The Scented Garden

Our final topic for Year 2 is "The Scented Garden". The children have been learning about how plants grow and discovering the different parts of a plant. On Monday 7th June, the children planted cress seeds in the classroom. They are watering them and observing them closely to see how they change as they grow.

The Wolseley Centre

On Thursday 15th July, Year 2 visited The Wolseley Centre as part of our topic "The Scented Garden". The children had a fantastic day exploring in the woods and managed to find lots of different species of plants and trees. They took part in activities such as making scented potions, collaging with flowers and leaves and measuring how old different trees were. They also had a relay race where they collected items that plants need to grow and completed a "senses" walk where they listened for different sounds in nature. The children behaved superbly on their trip and we were very proud of them.