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Curriculum statement  


The Physical Education (PE) curriculum at Cheslyn Hay Primary School aims to give all pupils the opportunity to discover and develop their physical potential, through a balanced and challenging developmental program of activities. We want children to become autonomous, independent individuals, who gain confidence and enjoyment from these activities. We believe PE is a vital component in the development of children’s physical and mental well-being. 


Within a caring and supportive environment, we believe in encouraging positive relationships between individuals and groups, while providing a blend of challenge and stimulation through physical activity. We are committed to ensuring all children are able to participate, and we recognise the importance of equal opportunities. We believe in allowing children to apply skills, knowledge and concepts to experiment, be creative and imaginative, and to recognise and celebrate progression and achievement within the physical medium. 


We are further committed to recognising the importance of extending physical activity outside the National Curriculum. We believe that links with sporting bodies, clubs and the provision of extracurricular activities is a positive experience, and that the recognition and celebration of children’s achievements outside school promote an awareness of the value of physical activity for all children. 


After the implementation of the PE curriculum, children at Cheslyn Hay Primary School will be confident in their sporting abilities, and they will confidently demonstrate a number of qualities instilled in them throughout their time with us: determination, honesty, passion, respect, teamwork, and self-belief. Children, when they leave Cheslyn Hay, will also be able to apply British values within the sporting community: democracy, tolerance, mutual respect, rule of law, and liberty.