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Week beginning 12th July 2021


A great week of story writing was ended with our Fantasy Forest Day. We made tree guardians from clay, went on a fairy hunt, found the lost balls that the fairyland friends had been playing with and we finished with a camp fire and all sang our favourite songs!

Week Beginning 5th July 2021

This week we have loved watching our sweet, green grass for the Billy Goats grow. Look how tall it has grown!

We have remembered everything we have learnt so far about story telling and stories to create our own story maps. We thought of our own characters, setting and events. We can't wait to use them in order to write our very own stories next week. 

We have also got very excited about England's big match on Sunday! Come on England!

Week beginning 28th June


This week we have been looking at the story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We have been building bridges, growing our own grass and designed our own trolls.

We had some news that the troll had escaped from Fairyland so we all set to work on creating some 'WANTED' posters for the troll. Ask us what adjectives are... we are now superstars at using them!


All the children wowed us with their enthusiasm for Sports Day. The video of all sports days will be uploaded asap. 

Week beginning 21st June

We started off the week with finding out that the three bears had been into the classroom and baby bear's chair was broken and his porridge had been eaten!

We set to work to find out who the culprit was. No one was expecting to find out that it was actually the Big Bad Wolf! We even caught him on camera. The children forgave him though as he was just hungry. They all set to work to make a new chair for baby bear too!


Reception Induction PowerPoint for Sept 2021

We have had a super start to our 'Will you tell me a story?' topic. We have listened to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' and even made spaghetti and marshmallow houses to see if we could blow them down. We attended a live Zoom chat with a real Author/Illustrator and found out about his new book. We then attended a live theatre performance in our own school hall!

WB: 24th May

We have had such a busy and fun week consolidating our learning for our minibeast topic. We had great fun at the Ugly Bug Ball and made some delicious bug cakes! We even learnt about what capacity is and Bertie Beetle challenged us to make milkshakes for his friends that we either full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty. Have a great half term!

WB: 10th May 2021. We are all so proud of our Bug Hotel for Bertie Beetle and his friends. Both classes loved going for a walk on site to collect the resources we needed and then coming back to our outside area to build it. We decided on a place in the sun so they can keep safe and warm.

WB: 3rd May 2021. Another great week in Reception. We are now superstars at doubling - see our doubling painted butterfly below! The children also used natural resources to make tree pictures and they designed some bug hotels. Stay tuned next week to see the completed hotels!

This week Reception have been learning about the differences between living and non-living things, plants and the different parts of plants. We loved using clay to make imprints of different types of leaves. We also used real seeds to create flower pictures.

This week we have started our 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' topic. We have had a busy week preparing for our Spring Safari by making binoculars and a Safari crown. We then went to explore the outdoor environment and looked for signs of Spring and a few minibeasts along the way. What fun!

This week we have been very busy learning all about the Easter story. We made crosses to remember Jesus. We have made Easter biscuits using our maths skills to follow the recipe. We had a story Easter egg hunt and predicted what the story would be about. We have been doing lots of independent writing using adjectives to describe eggs.Then we had a surprise visitor! We have also been using our mouse skills in the ICT suite, creating our own super veggies.

WB 22.3.21- This week we have looked at Supertato's further adventure in 'Veggies Assemble'. We have had some trouble with the Bad Bad Butternut Squash and had to keep on top of the Evil Peas by counting them. We have used our collage skills to create different fruit and used our colour mixing skills too. We have also looked at the story of Hansel and Gretel this week and we created our own gingerbread houses by working in teams.

WB- 15. 3.21- This week we have been reading – ‘Supertato’. We have created our own super veggies and that naughty Evil Pea has been up to no good!

WB: 8th March. What a fantastic first week back the children have had, well done to all for settling back so well. We have been reading the story Oliver Vegetables and have explored the different vegetables mentioned in the story. It has also been British Science Week and we have all become scientists when we made 'Ice Gardens'. We had to explore 2 states of water (liquid and solid ice) and how it changed how our 'gardens in tubs' looked. Our first task was to go out into the fields to find natural items to create our gardens. For the next couple of weeks our learning will be based around the story 'Supertato'!

WB-14.12.20 -This week we have had lots of Christmas fun. We have watched a fantastic Early Years panto, made Christingles and had a super fun Grinch day. Our next topic is- Can I switch it on? How does it work? We will explore these questions and more in this project about technology, toys and communication.

WB: 7.12.20


We have loved seeing all of the children's homework so far on J2E. Well done!

This week we have written letters to Santa and have found out what our cheeky elf has been up to!

We also really enjoyed practising our Nativity.

WB-23.11.20 - We have enjoyed exploring the story of 'Whatever Next'. We role-played the story thinking about what happened in the beginning, middle and end, we used our big voices to tell the story. We looked at the planets in our solar system and took part in a bubbling planet experiment.

WB- 16.11.20 We have created a whole parliament of owls this week while we have been learning about nocturnal animals. We also went out for a 'Road Safety' walk around the school site. During our 'Anti-bullying' discussion we talked about having kind words and kind hands. Next week we are reading the story Whatever Next and are going to pretend that we are off to the moon. The children will love designing and then building their own rocket and we are also doing a bubbling planet experiment.

WB- 9.11.20 This week in Reception we have learnt all about Remembrance. We made shadow soldiers and took part in the 2 minutes silence on Wednesday, adding our poppies to the school display. We have also celebrated Diwali and found out about different traditions. Next week we are looking forward to finding out about road safety and anti-bullying. Nocurnal animals will also be a focus.

Phonics Workshops for Reception Parents

In the Autumn term we run phonics workshops for parents and carers to find out more about the teaching of Phonics at Cheslyn Hay Primary School. The workshop outlines what phonics is, how it helps your child with their early reading and writing and provides a range of ideas for activities and resources you can use to support your child at home.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, we can't run this workshop in person this year. Please see below links to our phonics support video, a PowerPoint and some resources that you might find useful for supporting your child at home. 

Any questions please do come and have a chat with us.
Thank you.

We are looking forward to our Early Years scarecrow challenge next week.

The 3 Bears are having tea! This week we have been learning about the number 3. We set the table for the 3 Bears!

In Reception we develop key learning skills, where all children are encouraged to develop at their own level, in a stimulating environment where learning is fun.

PE Days


We use PE session to develop both our physical skills and our personal interactions. 

Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

Home Learning


We encourage children to take part in the Early Years challenge of the week (this can be found in the EYFS foyer). In addition to this children have a weekly reading book and phonics activity to complete. 

We would love it if you could encourage children to use good manners, recognise and write (correct formation) their name, eat using a knife and fork correctly, recall counting and nursery rhymes and anything else that will help to make them well rounded little learners!