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At Cheslyn Hay Primary School we aim to give pupils the knowledge and the strategies required to become confident writers and accurate spellers – understanding the English language and the importance of grammar. We feel it is essential for children to develop a good understanding of SPAG to strengthen their writing and reading. Our Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar curriculum is based on what we know is best for our pupils. We want all children to make a conscious effort to learn words and spelling patterns.


Our children will be taught an array of spelling patterns regularly through phonics teaching as well as using Jane Considine's Spelling book bringing the ‘wonder of words’ to life. The underlying approach is based on three zones of spellings and explored through ‘Groupings’, ‘Improving’, and the remembering and recall of spellings through ‘Acquiring’. In addition to this, Grammarsaurus is used in the teaching of Grammar.

SPaG is taught within the creative curriculum, within discrete lessons as well as following PVPG (Place Value of Punctuation and Grammar). This will also allow opportunities to reinforce and elicit links to prior learning to subsequently progress onto new learning.

Spellings follows a 2-week rolling program for KS1 and KS2. Week 1 the children use an investigative approach to understand the principles underpinning word construction, enabling them to become word gathers, sorters, word pattern finders, interrogators, and word concluders. The Go Grapheme tasks involve analysis of common errors, why these errors occur, and what to do to ensure the correct spelling is embedded in their long-term memory. During week 2 the children complete short tasks exploring the aspects of improving and acquiring.


Spelling tests are completed each week. Year 1 use the phonic scheme to generate their spellings, Year 2 (weekly) and KS2 (every 10 days) use a range of words from the topic being covered, spelling rules taught as well as the age-related words within their spelling tests.
Grammar is taught initially through PVPG then following the ‘Progression in Grammar’. Skills are taught as discrete lessons but also through the curriculum and in line with National Curriculum expectations.