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Dear parents, following the announcement from the prime minister this evening, I am sure many of you will already be aware that when school closes on Friday, it will remain closed until further notice to the majority of pupils. I am sure this is a worrying time for many of you and over the next couple of days we will do all we can as a school to prepare the children for the closure. As we have previously said, we will ensure a steady flow of daily work that the children can complete and will ensure that parents have an email address they can contact teachers on should the need arise, for the duration of the closure and support you where possible. We will be working hard over the next couple of days to identify parents who are key workers who, following the government’s decision, will still be able to access the school. Please bare with us over the next two days as, whilst we have made plans for this, we only found out about the closure and what it would look like at the same time as you did. I would just like to say a huge thank you to all parents for their support over the past two weeks in what, I am sure, has been a difficult time. I will be out on the playground in the morning and try to answer any questions as best as I can based on the limited information we have been given at the moment. I am sure throughout tomorrow, school will receive further information about the closure and I will aim to communicate any relevant information and plans to you at the end of the day by letter. 
From Mr Griffiths